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Institute of National Analytical Research and Services, BCSIR Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 29th December 2022


  • To conduct Research and Development (R & D) in Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry and develop new methodology
  • To verify /reject performance claims of Arsenic Removal Technologies (ART).
  • To participate in Proficiency Test (PT) for particular parameters and organize inter laboratory comparison (round-robin) services with an aim of obtaining accreditation as a PT provider.
  • To conduct Instrument training programme to developed skilled personnel to use the state of Art Equipments.
  • To implement and maintain a quality system that is documented and incorporates adequate review, audit and internal quality control
  • Adequately train, supervise and demonstrate continuing proficiency of the persons within the laboratory to carry out assigned activities
  • Select and validate appropriate test methods and related work instructions and incorporate adequate quality control of  the methods
  • To produce traceable results supported by a system of measurement traceable to the SI through an NMI with uncertainties appropriate to requirement